Dienstag, 21. März 2017

WM-DD2 red

SONY Walkmen still belong to the best ever made cassette players.
I still own my DD-II in red, but it suffers from broken central-gear disease as most of these units after 30 years.
2 years ago i could manage to buy a professionally restored DD33 and a DD-II in silver from a skilled person (i'm too lazy to dismantle it and collect all these tiny screws and stuff to do it myself .;-)
Unnecessary to mention that i still keep all my recorded cassettes from the 1970ies on, Maxell and TDK Chrome mainly from 1981 on. Most of them still sound great!

Doen't it look gorgious in this cool color? i like it most!

still all stickers present

one of these tiny screws is missing

the transparent pane often has cracks

This pic shows a small plastic lever, which is often broken and then the head will not be moved to its correct position and no sound is played.

The DD33 in my opinion is the best in quality SONY ever made, it came out around 1991.
Will present it in a different post.

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