Samstag, 18. März 2017

What's this about?

Hi Fans,

this is about one of my strange (?) Hobbies - collecting vintage stuff, in special the genious SONY
Radios/Walkmen of the 70ies/80ies.

This one is one of my favorite Radios, came out in 1974 and i like it for it's design and performance. Specially the sound is great - even after 40 years still better than most of these china trash on the market nowadays :-)

Sony Captain 55 ICF-5500M front view.

SONY ICF-5500M side view, band switch and ear phone box.

SONY ICF-5500M top view.
There are different versions of this radio, the one for the japanese market with different FM-Range - 76 - 90 MCs and - funny thing - a voice-amplifier-function in connection with a microphone.
A 3rd one i own is the US-version with PSB-FM-Band instead of  Marine, FM and MW is the same than the EU-version has.

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